Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty



Most difficult to withstand and endure,
nothing is as traumatic as widowhood for sure.
Marriage is not another relationship like the other, widowhood is not just like another situation, one comes across and suffer.

It shatters the basis of life, puts an end to one’s dreams, fancies, likes and dislikes.
Age-old habits, dogmas and superstitions only add to one’s misery, vulnerability, agony and strife.

If your concern is genuine,
don’t give her advice,
don’t impose your will,
just be with her and let her feel someone is there to take care and look after.

Convince her,
things happen contrary to will but life goes on.
One who is no more is dead and gone,
but who is alive has a life of her own to be lived with dignity and love.

Tell her still there is life in her life and
the will and capacity to walk along the thorny path of it.
Exhort her to assert or else the world around will make a hell of her.

Let her realise
she has every right to live her life as she wishes and none has the audacity to dictate terms and define her life, sorrows, happiness, identity and priority.

Give her a copy of the Bhagavad Gita
wherein she will find the elixir of life,
a solution to her contradictions and predicaments, the way to live life.
She will realise,
The soul inside is beyond death and life,
no weapon, no fire, no air, nothing can put an end to it and her husband is very much with her even though physically he is no more.
As the soul is one, if she goes for another man, he will be her husband in another guise as the same cosmic consciousness pervades one and each.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty© 29.4.2019
All Copy Rights Reserved



In between two breaths, the elixir,
the beauty of life, inhale it
In between two beats, the divine melody
the music of life, listen to the symphony,
the voice within

In between two thoughts,
the enthralling vacuum, the subtle vibrations,
let your mind be with it.
Dive deep into the ocean of love and bliss.
In between two states of mind, the real you,
let your mind hangs on to the object of love
and be there from which you have come.

in between the active and passive,
sleeping and waking sate,
the big void, the only reality
that introduces you to yourself
and makes you aware of life,
its purpose, meaning and the goal
for which you are striving.

The wider the gap,
the better the realisation
and better you are,
more close to the self,
more close to the big void,
the real you, pure and unalloyed,
in search of which you have been
since times immemorial
without being aware

© smrutiranjan 27.7.2018

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