Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st


Tooth Be Told

Perfection is all he seeks,
Of cleaning the froggy swamps
With his faithful dogs in swarms;
But the tooth is in my cheeks.

Perfection is all he finds
Where the red blues walk
And the iron greens stalk;
The eyed follow the blind.

And perfection in his tongue
Spits long-winded demagoguery
With salivating steel poetry,
And sweet slogan and song.

© Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st


The Exodus

A cold dusk we had of it,
The imperfect fumes rose
And the day began to dose
For crown that couldn’t fit.

And we had to ring it true
From each hut to each hamlet,
And state and city and armlet,
The night sped up as dawn grew.

And God’s children of all colors:
Black, white, brown and yellow,
Gentiles, Catholics and the Jews
Marched the taste of their labors.

A bitter taste of liberty at last,
We had to sing old Negritude Spirit,
And hail the Supreme Sacred Spirit
Bitter is the road, liberty at last.

© Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

One thought on “Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

  1. These are two awesome pieces my brother. I like the flow of the words, lines in each stanza, and the impact of each message. The inspiration in the first one is awesome regarding the tongue and perfection. Poets always strive for that excellence in creation. I also like that Negritude spirit. The theory came of of Africa. I learned all about it in my African Diaspora class. Your descriptive excellence resonates with great images. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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