My Jujù / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

My Jujù

My days with my cat Jujù

Were so winsom
So much fun it was to play with her
Jujù was my furry angle

In my childhood she was my best friend
Going to school was such a bore
To part with Jujù was my
My fright!

My notebooks were empty
Never complete
Sun and Moon both
Looked the same
They both were in the sky!

School was such a bore
The Best were
The short breaks to feast on
Apple tarts n finger fries

Life was better with
No toil
My furry friend’s eyes were
Katyy Green
Smug n witty

Cats and kittens were all furry tails

Jujù had no worries
Of the Tinsel Town

I Too didn’t have any worries
In the world
And My Teacher’s Yelled …
Your books are blank!
I was up for a prank!


Poem by Aneeta Chitale. (C) all reserved by Poet. 3/9/ 2019 
Collection My Childhood Days

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