Joanna Svensson ( Poland – Sweden)

Joanna Svensson ( Poland – Sweden)

Joanna Svensson was born on November 26 in 1955 in Warsaw in Poland. But since 1975 she lives in Germany and Sweden. She works as a poet, writer and novelist and is a member of the Swedish Author Society. She has published two books: “The Secret of the Medallion” in 2013, “A Key to Heaven” in 2015. 6 published poetry books so far: “Sehnsucht 1&2” 2007 (in german) “The Seven colors of my life” (in english, arabic and swedish) 2019 “Time without date” (Czas bes Dat) 1968-2019 in polish. She is published in several anthologies. Has participated in many book- fairs in both Sweden and Poland. Won 1:st prize in prose at the International Literature Festival in Bucharest 2019. She has over 350 published and many unpublished poems. Are published many times in literary magazines. At present she is very active writing three new books. Workingtitle: “The hobo’s wife’s” etc.



After the rain
On an Island of love
I have seen
the seventh color
Yes, I have seen
a rainbow with seven colors

And I who thought
that there were only six
Yes, I who thought
that there were only six

But really – I have seen
that there is one more

The color I have seen
has no name
has no designation
has no symbol

The color
that everyone can see
As long as they have love within them
The color
that everyone can see
As long as they feel
that they are a part of nature
As long as they feel
that they are a part of the universe

The color that creates security
The color that gives meaning to life

This day – when I Have seen
The seventh color of the rainbow
On my Island of love
This day – I felt happy
And at ease with myself
Happy and at ease with my life

© ® Joanna Svensson 2019



With the fragrance of all
the beautiful flowers of spring
Is born today
At seven o’clock this morning
Here in our garden
A wonderful, incredible feeling
Has filled my heart
When I saw the happy smile of the sun
And when the lovely greenery
The tiny little brook
Has already whispered – babbled
About the arrival of freedom in my life

I have felt for a long time
It would happen right here
Here in this little village of Svenstorp
Here I can bloom with my words
And the power of thoughts
On a piece of new cut paper
Here I feel I am relieved of
The straight-jacket of the city
Here, where I feel
That freedom smells delicious
Smells like all the beautiful flowers of spring
Just like a new life begins again

From the world to Svenstorp
To the arms of the safe and secure countryside
Where meadows bloom
Where the wings of trees
Move my thoughts
To the real world
Where the brook is whispering

© Joanna Svensson



My thoughts are with you
You, who found the right keys
Thank you, for finding the right keys
To my heart

They have gently opened
The door to the future
Light sips slowly in
All senses have awakened

My thoughts are with you
It took a long time
Before I could sleep

I felt your presence
Your warmth
Your soft hands

Slowly I moved myself
To the land of dreams
Gently swept
By the soft veil of night

Felt love and warmth
filling my body

The most delightful place in my heart
Is yours!

©®Joanna Svensson



High up in the mountains
It felt like heaven is closer
It felt that love was stronger
Between me and you

I saw the golden gate
Standing ajar
We peered together
Towards the intense light

It felt like time
Stopped for just a moment
I saw deep in your eyes

That you love me
I felt secure in your loving arms
I felt great gratitude
That you are mine

High up in the mountains
Where heaven feels closer
Where love gets its true colors
Where the miracle of love takes place!

©®Joanna Svensson

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