You never know / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


You never know

You never know
Who loved you in the rain
And who hurt you in the snow

You never know
Who missed the ride
And who kissed the rainbow

You never know
Who smeared your love
And who made you feel low

You never know
Who shared your airy looks
And who muddled his sympathy
with the morning dew

You never know
who decorated the chart
And who spoilt the brow

You never know
who really stretched a hand
And who cast a dagger below

You never know
Who thrilled with a good company
And whose loneliness
Made him feel hollow

I never know what has happened
And who has put me astray

I only know
Who has trusted his pen
And made poetry overflow.

sihem cherif ( sehma helaa) 3rd of October 2019

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