Poems by Aarti Mittal

Poems by Aarti Mittal


My coordinator

I get baffled
Whether should I talk about you or your beauty
When I see the bewitching you on your duty
Your irresistible alluring presence
Often gets minds in absence
The spunky you hide behind your drop dead gorgeous grimace
The words feel complexed when fall short in you grace
Your simper your smirk is winsome and prepossessing
Your talkative eyes speak volumes without blinking
Resting in you unrevealed in your sneering
The pulchritude of your soul is your courage obsessing
You are the inspiration
For you are the warrior of that every battle you win
For all the pains hide behind your delightful grin

Hats off to you and your ravishing courageous persona.



Every morning
I take some colours from dawn
To hue my hopes
Some in yellow
Some in orange
Some in red
They revert with smile
Giving rise to a dawn in me
Making me smile in its hues.



Floating in the sky
Amidst the clouds
Perplexed, whether in the sea dry
In a new world
Away from the chaos
Tranquility in its pulchritude

I fly
With my flock of strangers
Surrounded by wordless volumes of blank pages

I wonder
Is it a dream
Or his beckoning
Of positivity and affirmity of thoughts
That creates wonders.


Waiting For You

Aah ! Such beautiful dusk
That meeting of orange and blue
Reflecting in the oceans
The chirping birds returning home
To meet their love
The trees swaying with the zephyrs
And the zephyrs touching me with your fragrance
My love not only me
But the approaching night is waiting for you
It is getting dark and darker
The moon is up
Smiling and teasing me
I told him to wait
Lemme bathe in your memories before you come
Lemme put on the lacy gown you love to untie
Oh my ! Lemme get drenched in your love
Oh my dear ! My darling
I am in your wait
Waiting for you
That you come
And have the fragrance of my love
Sip me as the nectar of my love
Your finger tips slither and crawl and slide on me
Playing the game of hide and seek
Let your love ignite my desires to the fires
Oh my love , come
In your wait
Am waiting for you
To rub me
To crush me
To devour me
That I become the ash
And mingle in the air
And you inhale me
Come my darling honey


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