Who used to go in the night
Just know that go in the dark night, the road will gradually become bright, under each step of my feet
Nothing is forever
Even the black night

Is love eternal?
The beat of the heart will slowly follow age
The fire that loves fiery youth
Also fading and instead it’s a pink charcoal stove

The youth is passed, the pink coal stove also burst and went to the end
Someone is still strong to remember the old days and regret
But there are also people, suddenly remember,
suddenly forgot
Someone only remembers the past

It’s not random when you get into this old age,
people often suffer from oblivion
Because the present is hard to accept
Is that me? Oh no we can’t be like that

Then we just forget
We only remember the youth and the great love
The wonderful things, the handsome boys and the amazing girls
Yes, Go in the dark we still see the way out under each step

We follow the habit when we walk in the night
And I just realized that the darkness is nothing scary
Step into the age remember to remember, forget to forget
We keep walking… still great…


Houston Texas
October, 06/ 2019

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