Poem by Sabrina Young

Poem by Sabrina Young



I can’t see you but I know you’re there , silent footsteps creaking up the stairs
Enemy eyes send a chill down my back , in my own home i cannot relax
Ill close my eyes but afraid to sleep , faceless faces staring back at me
Thankful for sunlight to burn my face , but soon darkness will fall losing the race
Why do you choose to haunt my dreams feeding from the fear and weakening my strength
How do you live so comfortably inside my head spinning with tears and bound for death
Anxiety awaits for the moon to rise shadows of evil when I shut my eyes
I squint and see a rail of a man casting spells bouncing havoc inside the damned
Chanting to myself it’s just a dream , my soul is what you want it seems
Screaming with terror the deeper you swim , I cannot give up you cannot win
Fighting to salvage the fragments left of a life ,with a beaten spirit the minute I became your wife

Sabrina Young ©
Originally written
in the late 1990’s

3 thoughts on “Poem by Sabrina Young

  1. Awesome articulation on this poem my dearly beloved sister. This one goes very deep regarding the trail for love and affection. If it’s all about that turmoil, I don’t blame you. Get on top of the mountain like in Psalm 91, and stay away. Great job. Have an awesome day, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always!

    • Thank you Joseph , I was in a desperate State of Shock after I left husband he was physically abusive and this poem was the aftermath of that

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