Iza Smolarek (Poland)

Iza Smolarek (Poland)
Iza Smolarek – born 1977. Poet, writer, journalist, cultural activist.  Studies Human, Social and Political Sciences at University of Cambridge. Winner of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage bursary (category – literature). Author of the volume “i laze” (Wydawnictwo Portret 2006r.) and “sensory states” (Liberum Arbitrium 2007r.), as well as several crime novels. Winner of numerous literary competitions. Nominated for the Dżonka Literary Prize in the most talented young Polish poets category (2007). Has been published in, among others, “Odra”, “Topos”, “Akcent”, “Zeszyty Literackie”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Translated into Ukrainian and English. Most recent print publication: “Soloists. Anthology of women poets”, Warsaw 2009. From Poznan, currently living and working in London.
Iza Smolarek – rocznik’77. Poetka, prozaiczka, dziennikarka, animatorka kultury. Stypendystka Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego (w dziedzinie literatury). Autorka tomu “się lenienie” (Wydawnictwo Portret 2006r.) i “stany zmysłowe” (Liberum Arbitrium 2007r.) oraz powiesci kryminalnych. Laureatka licznych konkursow literackich. Nominowana do Dżonki – nagrody literackiej im. Stachy Zawiszanki dla najbardziej utalentowanych poetów młodego pokolenia (2007r.) Publikowała m.in. w “Odrze”, “Toposie”, “Akcencie”, “Zeszytach Literackich”, “Gazecie Wyborczej”. Tłumaczona na język ukrainski I angielski. Ostatnia książka: “Solistki. Antologia poezji kobiet”, Warszawa 2009r. Poznanianka, obecnie mieszka i pracuje w Londynie.
i laze
in fly-like sticky tango of sweet trickles
I sieve chitinous light through the slits of hundreds of eyes
lightly ever so lightly I am taken by persistent buzzing
is it only with me after all ah all right I will bring you breakfast
(not that I would go blindly into the fire. but his
ratio of muscle to hair is quite so so) I think
a moment later push even thought away
cinnamon towers tease the libido fresh cream beating
record breaking i-q I annihilate bi-sex there is none
[our father who art like any other guy and sometimes wear
tight jeans and whose hair is ruffled
rising in the morning from eternal bedsheets
and sometimes stand before a mirror tensing buttocks]
we should order pizza I’ve gone mad darling pass me the phone.

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