FIRST CRUSH / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Rummaging through
the chest of drawers
Deep into its innards
A shiny trinket sparkled
The bauble he gave her
Garish and plasticky
Yet this was the one
That sheltered a heart of gold
In its blinding glitter
The one that lasted almost
A lifetime
High school furtive meeting
Of eyes
No not even hands
Painfully shy , self conscious
Was he
Adam’s apple bobbing
Awkward trilling of squeaky voice
Bursting into a defiant bass
Red as a tomato
Was she
Flushed from the sweaty drill
In the hot humid play field
The tremulous thudding
Of timorous hearts
Heralding the first crush
Immortalised in this
Cheeky glistening brooch
Lovingly smuggled to her
In a geography book
Hidden inside the Atlas !
She reached out and
Clutched it hard
A tiny sob escaped her
Slowly wrinkling throat !
Copyright Lily Swarn 28.6.2016

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