AN ODE TO DR. OLYMPIA GELLINI / Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Hearty congratulations
dear Excellency Dr. Olympia Gellini!….
the glorious son of god.
You are simply great by your glorious works of Art.Culture and Entertainment
who profoundly values all these mellow art of love for mankind
like an brightest amber ..
and at the same your relentless work for integration of disnctive nations of world into unity through love and peace is really a godly endeavour and divine art
like colorful.blossom to sate heart of beholders.
a revelation of supermental adoration of love and peace
for humanity to grow with definite vector of world peace
like good Samaritan.
a cosmic entity to beacon and blaze the earth.
may God bless you for your undaunted spirit
and unique approach to understand value of Art culture ,iterature and Entertainment.
like an eagle to fly into high sky
you are really amazing the way you run from country to country to resolve the instinctive distinctions of nations
to inculcate seed of solidarity all across the world for which you deserve Nobel Peace Prize for peace .
best wishes …light.. love ..blessings…
Dr. Subhendu Kar
@dr.subhendu Kar.

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