Poems by Raphael INJAYURD (AZERBAIJAN) / Translated into English by Mesme Ismayilova


Raphael Injayurd was born on July 4, 1954. He is author twelve poems, one publicist book, a collection designer of bulk and an editor for numerous books. Member of the Union of Writers, Journalists, Ashugs of Azerbaijan and President prize winner.


With Poetry

Poetry – is fate spelling of me,
My inner gives outer name with poetry to me
I came that , from the bridge of the heaven world
To pass into the that life with the poetry.
Growing buds between flowers
I had a style between languages.
My profit and sin are with the poetry…
What I have , was said in the province.
If all have their own place in life,
So everyone is surrounded by their desires.
Around the “5” s of the businessman ,
My “3” s aren’t tormented.
I don’t say ,poetry is God’s spelling ,
Sometimes dying desire relived up with grief.
If the fire of my land goes out,
My trek with the poetry while.
If , embers the burn of my land ,
Mother’s eyes are waiting while.
İ go, to the words which planted ,
For mowing them with the poetry.


Hard Matter

Almighty reaches everywhere,
Reaches to all doors.
Almighty’s will is eternal ,
If he wants, will open, wants will close.
Almighty’s choice is prayerful ,
Must go out from honest mouth,
from the tunnel of hearts …
from searching thoughts …
through becoming covered with hand corns , that …
Oh , again had delayed , was smoke of broken hope ,
Only , clear that , living is a hard matter .
In the waiting room …
If , you have ticket in pocket
What is worse of waiting room?
Who knows, those moments …
Which you lost … is time …
or your views , chance are for the love ?
Maybe, it is a protection time ?
Anyway … someday
on the railway rails
Sounds of wheel will be made straight as beads .
the days of my life are like beads ,
one of them will fall, roll and would disappeared
in the span of the free time .


Let It Be

The flag , with this desire ,
If he will hang it , let him hangs .
Keeping in the cage of love ,
He will look from a distance, let him looks.
One day was raining , one day was blowing …
One day is fire , one day is smoke …
Warm as warmer from my eyes ,
The tears will flow like a dam , let it flows .
An old man gets mad …
Because of the mirage of love .
One day from the eyes of Almighty
Will pulled and break down , let him breaks down .


Translated into English : Mesme Ismayilova
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

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