Brenda Mohammed (Trinidad)

Brenda Mohammed (Trinidad)

Author Brenda Mohammed is from Trinidad in the Caribbean.
She is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-genre author, and poet, who has written twenty-one books. Brenda is a former Bank Manager of a leading International Bank in Trinidad and Tobago and a former Insurance Professional.
She holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers in London. After Banking, Brenda moved into the field of Insurance and obtained a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA.
She is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association for Financial Professionals.
Since she started writing she has won several awards for most of her books.
In November 2018 she travelled to Miami to collect two prestigious awards from Readers Favorite International for her science fiction novel, Zeeka Chronicles. and a Memoir I Am Cancer Free.
She is the Founder of the Facebook Group How to Write for Success.
Brenda believes “The Sky is not the Limit. The Mind is.”



If I turn back the clock to age sixteen when,
I chose a career; would I repeat my choice then.
Many dreams and aspirations filled my mind.
Would I have chosen any if I go back in time?

I dreamed of being a fashion designer in Paris,
Or a chef in a posh hotel in a lost city like Atlantis.
Maybe an airline pilot with a famous airline,
Or an artist doing painting in a place sublime.

Perhaps I could have opened a beauty salon.
Or become a famous singer like Celine Dion.
There were opportunities for Television personalities.
But why did any of those not appeal to me?

Now that I have written them all down,
I would not turn the clock back, I’ve found.
Being a writer I can be any of those things,
And form similar characters by just imagining.

My passion has been writing from the very start.
What I write comes from the core of my heart.
A friend said I used my brain in Banking and Insurance,
But my writings from the heart give her assurance.



Trinidad, Tobago, and Cuba, Cultural Exchange
Put on a dance performance for nationals on stage.
At Southern Academy for the Performing Arts
Cuba captured the audience and won their hearts.

Powerful choreography, strains of guitar strings,
Cuban claves and wood sticks for percussive rhythms,
Girls in colourful dresses, swirling skirts, and bells,
Hair flying around, performing Cuban dances so well.

Iridescent lights, distinctive style, musicians and dancers
Wood sandals, clapping of feet, tantalizing drums, congas.
Drumsticks, castanets, chac – chac, heels, and sandals
Dancing bongo, cha- cha- cha, mambo, bolero, and salsa.

A lovely night with car park filled and packed theater
VIP parking and reserved seats for which we did not cater.
Fortunately, we were accompanied by a very nice dignitary.
Taking notice of us, the Cuban Ambassador was very friendly.

Nestled in the Caribbean is Trinidad and Tobago
Known as the land of steel band and calypso.
With plenty of beaches and tourist attractions
One of the places to go for your next vacation.



The power of love is like the sun in the morning,
Brightening the life of every human being.
Awakening you to the start of a new day.
Expressing love through Literature is an ideal way.

There are many principalities that rule us today.
Many people continuously keep going astray.
They not only fail because of mental incapacity.
An opposing force is attacking their capability.

We should not give in to constant onslaughts
Of greed, malice, lust, and dangerous thoughts.
By recognizing all as our sisters and brothers
Peace will reign and love will conquer others.

Copyright@Brenda Mohammed

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