Poems by Sudha Dixit

Poems by Sudha Dixit


Long As I live

There is a rumour that
You have abandoned me
Gone to a greener pasture
And do not, even, remember me
I have no control so to say
My love over your loyalty
I am a simple, poor girl
You know I’m no royalty
But I feel very much wounded
By your callous indifference
I never imagined you would have
The money as your preference
For me love is like worship
I’ve put you on a pedestal
Day and night thinking of you
Is akin to pure religious ritual
Whatever other people may say
I will always go on loving you
Whether you love me or not, that
Does not matter in my view
My love would last forever
Beloved I’ll never forget you
I hope that you come back to me
And fill my life with myriad hues.


Fallen Angel

I am an ambitious person
On highest goal is my eye
I want to fly and soar high
I want to reach the sky
You came into my world
And put me on cloud nine
It was a serendipity
You said that you are mine
But then you turned away
I’ve no clue what went wrong,
My life got obliterated
I thought that I was strong
But I have got week knees
I’m crying out my heart
This is a tough situation
My world has fallen apart
I know that in the beginning
It was an infatuation
He seemed perfect to me,
Life was a celebration
But now I know that he is
A fallible guy with faults
Still I really love him
From the bottom of my heart
Love does not put conditions
It never becomes judgmental
There’s no reason, no logic,
It’s only sentimental

Published in Indian Periodical
July, 28,2019



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