Pauses / Poem by Yolanda Quiroz

Poem by Yolanda Quiroz
Pauses, They are healthy and necessary.
We pause to rest when running, to breathe deeply, to regain strength,
so we move forward with more enthusiasm in our walk.
We pause to allow other instruments to tune, to go to the same measure,
so we embellish the rhythm with silence…
We pause to refrain from speaking, to learn to listen, to look and analyze,
so we can understand others.
We pause to observe and to see the world turn, to travel to the past,
so we can envision ourselves in a bright not-so-distant future.
We pause to lower ourselves, to allow those who are behind to catch up, to give youth opportunities to grow, to act,
so we can proudly rest in their accomplishments.
We pause to dream and then later to wake up, to be drenched in dreams,
so we can dream of the hopes and wishes that we will achieve.
We pause to reflect and learn from the past,
so can we understand that the world still goes on, that we all not irreplaceable, and that we all are going to the same place.
We pause to love, to bestow freedom, to heal,
so we can increase in love and give it back.
Pauses, God acts in them.
©Yolanda Quiroz, 2019
Registration code: 1906251275091
Orlando, Florida USA

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