Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
A Flower
The flower doesn’t complain about its short days
The flower counts how many times it amazed
The eyes
What Is Life
Between the dawn and the dusk
I lived my life
Perfected the job of the acrobat
Presented many shows
On a very thin rope, I showed my talents
Crossed to the side of madness
I found no evils,except beautiful souls
We were all innocent kids
We enjoyed hide and seek games
I came back to reason
Honestly I was not very satisfied
I stayed mute for long times
Then i turned the blind eyes
And started enjoying
I jumped a double jump then a triple one without falling down
That’s life…
It’s about keeping balance
Between reason and madness
Poet of the heart
Your words built many castles in my mind
Though I’m living in a small home
Poet of the heart
Your words made me the richest
Though I have few coins in my pocket
Poet of the heart
Your words inspired me
Though my knowledge is as a drop
In an ocean
Disguise won’t resist for a long time
Camouflage will melt under a hot sunshine
And the truth will appear to the eye
Forgetting me ,the soul
Is no longer easy
Replacing me ,the soul
Is very hard
Looking for a different shaped body
It’s so easy to find
But remember
Love ,the deep sentiments
Have no deal with the body…
It’s the soul who refuge them
The soul , the warm home
The nest to the wet bird
What Is Poetry
Poetry is a feeling transported carefully on wings of words
A Missed Sentiment
How can I feel joy
And rejoice
Iam no longer
The captain of my feelings
I have forgotten the tune
And my flute denied to me
A Declaration
The butterfly wore a yellow dress
And declared Iam the princess
But a little jealous of me

One thought on “Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

  1. These are very awesome words and narration of regarding the poems my dear sister. I like how they flow and the impact of the messages in each. They are very inspiring and uplifting to the mind, body and soul. Your descriptive excellence resonates with wonderful images of love and affection. I like the way your wear your glasses. I tried it one day and they fell off. Great job. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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