Izabela Zubko (Poland)

Izabela Zubko (Poland)
Izabela Zubko – born in 1974 in Warsaw, Poland – poetess, journalist and translator. She was graduated in 2008 from the Literary-Artistic Department at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow. She is an author of 10 volumes of poetry. Her poems were published in many newspapers in Poland and abroad. They can be found in many anthologies, too. For example her works there are in the collection entitled “The poets of our time” and “Anthology of Slavic Poetry”. Izabela Zubko is a winner of numerous poetry competitions. She is a member of: the Union of Polish Writers (ZLP), literary-musical group “Terra Poetica”, the Polish Writer’s Association of 2nd Warsaw Branch (SAP) and the Association of Culture Originators (RSTK). She received two awards of RSTK – silver one (2010) and gold one (2015) in appreciation of her literary achievements. She also received the statuette of Stanislaw Moniuszko (April 2016) awarded her by the Polish Cultural Centre in Lithuania.
The Viewing
I’m standing on the veil of light
and I’m looking from under its shadow
at the changing colors
of those several words about us
untangled from the comet’s tail
a request to life
is wrapping around the loom of film
of the stopped future
it speaks with silence of
dancing with the wind force
flashes of our glances
staring at the sun.
A Lighthouse keeper
you are the motion of my hands
the voice of shut mouth
and the mystery
warming up a frigid night
stealthily in drowse
we stumble
on bare shadows
I braided a footbridge from them
over an unflowing river.
a being devoid of kisses
I’m not crying anymore
from today
my sins create only me
I’m looking for love
to even the heartbeat.
Translated by Anna Mazur

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