MY DEARLY BELOVED MOTHER / Poem by Joanna Svensson


My dearly beloved mother
To me you will always be
As beautiful and young
As you were in your greatest days

As elegant and graceful
Happy and bright
And always in the best
of moods

Just like that
I will remember you
For ever, my dearly beloved mother
And never as old and sick and fragile

We, your children, take care of you now
In the best way we possibly can
To show our gratitude and our love
Just like you did
for each and everyone of us

In your painting of life
Time with its skilful brush
Has painted many memories
Memories of life
Sometimes being a fiest

But there are also dusky, gloomy ones
Filled with fear and deep sorrow
And memories of starvation, misery and war

Nine decades have passed
Since the day that you were born
But I still see in you
That young and beautiful woman
So strong of will and determination

I see your joy for life
In those glittering eyes of yours
The eyes that hold the future
Your love for life is so sincere
Each day for you is like a special gift
Each day for you is a miracle

You often say
You want to stay
Stay on with us – as long as possible
As long as you may
As long as they above
As long as they above – will let you

Because the lives
You once has given given birth to
They’ve become five
Five generations now
And now you want to share your wisdom
with all of them

Share your love and experience
Then pass on the burning torch of life
Pass it on with a feeling of security
Pass it on to the next generation
With a humble hope of expectation
A hope that they will also want to
Pass it further on

My dearly beloved mother
To us you will always be
As young and beautiful as ever
Because this is what you are to us
For ever, dear mother, for ever!


©® Joanna Svensson
© Private picture Joanna Svensson

Svenstorp – Sweden – 9th of August 2019

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