Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Fire of love,
Forge along lovely move;
Fuming blue skies all strove, 
Featuring heath as it’s outstrove!

Falling cloud rove,
Fare sheath green hove;
Fast in reddish clout of wove,
Fastly painting mountain peek shove!

Ferry of life cove,
Farewell as preapprove;
Far away signs awesome throve,
Fascinating earthly living to improve!

Fantasy interwove,
Fateful heart’s countermove;
Fascinating facts startling glove,
Fantastically mystical ever in truelove!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 28/08/2019



Breath in me be painful,
Below the running nose woeful;
Breathing become sorrowful, 
Bidding eyelashes ever frightful!

Betimes forehead forgetful,
Beyond appearance all wishful;
Betoken as being hopeful,
Breaking human looking doubtful!

Befogged in minds unmindful,
Begets confusion in life’s cheerful;
Bewray the activities wrathful,
Be for wielded faces ever guileful!

Becalm life heathen soulful,
Befitting any surroundings fruitful;
Begin to build hearts heedful,
Bid for love unfailingly all mirthful!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 27/08/2019



Twilight gone,
Settling setting sun beams;
Back in deep ocean foregone;
As pain and sufferings screams!

Earthly hues,
Huge in turn tunes darkness;
Overcloud melancholic basques;
Eventful ever mysterious briskness!

Dawn of hope,
Driving distances of riddles;
All in faith of fairness tightrope;
To walk in beliefs all chaotic addles!

(All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)



Age of human exists,
Aging in moments all persists;
Anytime in life’s gists, 
Anywhere heathen life subsists!

Affairs of love grists,
Attention in actions all entwists;
Among lively intwists,
Activating breath in lovely twists!

Affinity seriously hoists,
Affordable housing for humanists;
Affixing love bound mists,
Affirm creation in cute eroticists!

Afloat of ethereal foists,
Aflaming love in all early transists;
Agamus; but, dynamists,
Acting upon ageism, all exorcists!?

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 26/08/2019


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