Published at the time of the tale, solar of Luizinho the star keeper / By Rosa Maria Santos

Rosa Maria Santos


Published at the time of the tale, solar of Luizinho the star keeper

– luizinho – called mom – wake up son! It’s time, school calls you.
The Bell of the tower of the church of our lady of carmo had already the eight bells and luisito there was no way to rise
Luizinho – insists mom – come on, son, it’s late. What a sleepy you came out – said with a smile
From Luizinho, not a peep, silence seemed installed in that room full of color.
– what’s going on? – thought-will you be sick It’s usually a good answer.
Puzzled, goes to the room, approaches the bed and stroke him with affection. And soon gets the most beautiful smile, a look full of happiness.
Are you okay? – asked – are you late, son, let’s get up or you’re late Shall we?

– Luizinho, my son,
It’s time to wake up!
– what happened
To be calling me?

– are you sick, son?
Come here, let’s see.
The Thermometer is the way
To see what to do.

– no, I dreamed of stars
Where I was the guardian
I could touch them, see them,
And have them in my hand.

Each the brightest,
Similar to headlights,
Smile in every moment
In the mantle black of suns

– what a dreamer you are. You don’t even know what you’re saying, son, it must be Give me that thermometer, boy, you’ll see what to do. – and consulting the temperature – o, you don’t have a Would swear you were hot
– I told you, mom, I’m not sick. Just dreamed. And what a dream! I wish I could have stayed a little longer! I was feeling so good!
Yeah, yeah! Come to me with conversations – retorted – look at the time it is! Either we get ready or there goes to school, the van will be here soon.
And a jump,,,
– let’s do it then – said – I won’t miss class.

– let’s do it, mommy,
Soon I’ll get dressed,
Then it’s going to the kitchen
And the cereal swallow.

– they’re getting cold already
But hurry up, luizinho!
– but I won’t forget!
– come on, win straight!

– I already prepared the snack,
Put it in the bag
And now, run, a kiss?
And jump it’s time!

Luizinho comes out of the house The van was far away. I almost didn’t catch her Right at hour!
Good morning, Mr. John!
Good morning, luizinho, how are you? I thought you were going to come, I didn’t see you by
– I was a little late. Today I come to wondering.
. The wondering? What happened?
– Oh, Mr. John, if you knew the dream I had at night! Wouldn’t get less excited than me, no.
– tell me, what happened? Dreams were also part of my life! Other times! Now I don’t allow myself to dream
– Mr. John, it’s so good to dream I don’t think we should ever stop dreaming

– Lord John, please,
Never lose hope,
Because There’s nothing better
That the dream, that everything reaches.

– tonight, strange dream,
Of Stars I was a keeper
And you know you even hurt me
Counting. But please…

– it’s been three years, luizinho,
That you get in this
At First, quiet,
Stuck to mommy’s skirts

Now more grown up,
You already like to talk;
You are a beautiful little
At the age of dreaming

You have a lot of
My humble opinion,
There is in your eyes magic
In the role of guardian.

– but listen, I’ll tell you,
Follow your dreams, boy!
And then you’ll see
That you can do everything.

The school was already within reach of the eyes. There are hour, as always. Teacher Hermine was there by the gate waiting for the students. It was a healthy habit. It created such an empathy that the kids felt excited when they crossed the gates of that school, a part of their world
– do you know what we’re talking about – question dona hermine – today let’s talk about dreams! What do you think
Luizinho turned his eyes and shot:
– yes, good!
It seemed like the answer to that night’s progress traveling through the celestial spectrum.

– let’s talk about dreams –
Says teacher hermine.
And with his laughing look,
The lesson has opened, expert.

– today I was the guardian
From The Stars, up in the
– come, tell us everything, then,
What happened?

It’s an interesting theme,
You can start luizinho.
And then, in that moment,
There was a buzz.

– silence, boys, let’s hear luizinho tell the dream he had tonight! What do you say, do you
– yes, Mrs Hermine!

– let’s all listen
The Guardian’s dream.
Count, you can start,
Y’all pay attention

– you can start luizinho!
Silence, please.
Oh pedrito shut up,
Always the same talkative!

Yesterday, I slept like every night, early, because my grandmother already told me that bed early and early rise gives health and grow. And look what happened. I fell asleep and then I saw myself on the sky spectrum A multitude of stars surrounded me and soon named me their guardian. Now he was a star keeper
– I went up a huge ladder, to the sky, and when I got there, they put in my hand a kind of magic wand and they said to
– from today you are our guardian, a star keeper.
– Star Keeper? How? What do I have to do?
So we sat around an immense cloud and then gave me all the indication of what my new function would be:
-… and whenever a star leaves its place – they said – you take the wand and a touch of magic you make it back to its place, so that there is harmony in the Our place should always be our place, you know?
– and it was like this So much fun for me Whenever anyone tried to leave their watch place, I would soon collect it and take her back to her place…. when I heard scream, I was scared and woke up. It was my mom, distressed, calling me because the time was already advanced was late to come to school. – smiled – but soon, when the night comes, I will fall asleep and again travel to the stars to exercise my noble function again.
Hello, luizinho! What a beautiful dream! – and, turning to the other students – who wants to apply here to be also a star guardian?
– I… I…. I – shout out colleagues.
– anyone have questions to ask luizinho about his dream?

– yes, I do, teacher.
The Stars in the sky
In the morning they leave,
I wonder what gave them?

Tell me, O Guardian,
If you can answer?
Go my mess,
Then show your know.

– our whole universe is composed of stars and planets living in the most perfect harmony. I told my grandmother that God when he created the world, in the end, looked at everything he had done and saw that everything was very good And that set the sun to light the day and the stars to light the night. And everything stays like this through the centuries in the most perfect harmony.
The colleagues of luizinho listened to this beautiful story and dreamed one day to be also stars.


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