TODAY and FOR a LONG TIME / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha



At all times

there’ll be a pattern, red,

where the Dark dwells

and White smiles

through tears;

and bold line,

marked with mystical signs

between Truth and Lie…

An old man

in a black hood,

hiding his face,

appeared there –

predicted to me

the most difficult test

in seven long years…


My hesitant steps…

Through the fog

clogging my mouth,

and blinding light,

tear-staind eyes…

I’ve come to an end

and I’ll take a breath.

I’ll fall down my face

into the green grass,

get drunk with live water.

Now only one thing matters –

I’ve been tested

and now I’m blessed …

©Natalia Govsha

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