Poem by Sher Chandley

Poem by Sher Chandley


The Dark and The Light
In The Light and The Dark

Darkness in the Light
I don’t have to close my eyes
The sun lights everything
Everything moves around me
Yet I see nothing
I am in a dark cave
Blacker than pitch
There is no light
No possibility of it
Even if I listen
I hear nothing
But eerie whispers
Rats scurrying in the dark
If I inhale or sniff
Like a scared prey
No fragrance familiar
Only whiffs of rank decay
My skin tingles
Dank and cold
Gooseflesh and shivers
Down my spine
What shall I do ?
Scream and run in terror ?
For I know
Something horrible
Frightening is coming
The hairs on my neck
Stand like a brush
So I calm myself
Keep my senses alert
I will kneel in a crouch
Ready to spring
I will be ready to deflect
The unseen Hammerblow
Slay all manner
Of fell things
That hide in the dark
I am scared
But my fear holds resolve
I am the light
When it’s Dark in the Light

Light in the Dark
In the Dark , I see
The dappled gold
Of glorious sunrise
Filter through the trees
Bounce leaf to leaf
Like glittering jewels
Spangling the forest floor
Like drops of magic fire
From beneath toadstools
Little faeries emerge
Dancing in morning light
Greeting the fair day
Soon elves appear
Like wraiths out of nothing
In there eyes and upon their brows
Captured starlight glistening
Twinkling to the rise and fall
Of their songs
Songs of joyful amnesia
Yes,Yes there are places
Where it’s best to forget
Sorrows and woes
For they shutter light
Lightness of being
Come , close your eyes
Forget your tribulations
Summon your faeries and elves
Lead a merry dance
Be the Light in the Dark

But only for a while
There are limits
To indulgence,
In both Joy and Sorrow
Also in fear
Ever does
Dark shutter Light
Light dispel Dark
A serpent eats its tail .

@ Sher Chandley
2019/09/18 .

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