Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


Are We Just Poets?

are we eroded thoughts
pen language voice
clamouring for enthronement
deaf ears clogged nose
bitter hearts blind eyes
too much poverty concentrated wealth
blind religion corrupt politics
nature abuses… shout shout
are we just poets?

__ade c.
11:05am tuesday 2019



weird so weird perhaps
but ever since I can remember
as young as 8 years old
up to this present time
even if i am by myself
i always eat with ambience setting
and always for two
my friends my children
can attest to this!

twenty-four hours
all days weeks years
of my life
my dining table is set
with all candles and flowers
i simply feel the joy
when I see such ambience!

__ade c.
10:59am wednesday 2019



Yes yes yes
without exception
are blessed with
brilliance of thoughts
creative language
modern technology
our era must excel
we must be
the new “literati”

__ade c.

6:44am tuesday 2019
sydney australia

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