Poems by  Dr. L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by  Dr. L. Sr. Prasad



We both were walking on the pavement of an unknown city with hand in hand,
We heard an ancient tune reverberating in the distant hills beyond the desert sand,
We followed the butterflies and songbirds to catch the song we sang so grand,
We were so heavy in love we became so light like the stardust on the mist strand!

Did we reach the fountain of truth that dissolved our physical apprehensions?
Did we survive the hot desert winds of our parents and society’s honor tensions?
Did we cross the valley of death and Dead sea that swallowed many legendary lovers?
Did we gain bliss and happiness forever that we enjoyed in these affection towers?

Why the road ahead is scarlet red drenched in pools of blood?
Why the ghosts of the ancient lovers look at us with tears flood?
Why we see the butterflies and songbirds suddenly falling dead?
Why we sense the cries of hate ringing all over spreading dread?

In the desert of thorns and no flowers the song of love dies instant death!
In the meadow of flowers and no thorns the song of love breaths eternal breath!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 19.9.2018



Angling is a big game; I know some of the fastest anglers’ tribe jovial,
The equipment is mundane, from pure natural to tainted artificial,
Most of them fish in troubled waters or hunt castaways in turmoil,
Others have culinary angles or proscribed day night stands of trivial!

Eight feet carbon rod, with a fixed reel of eight pound breaking strain line,
On that mount a wobbling or a spinning lure, attach a trace with a swivel fine,
A weight or sinker to wink or preventing kink, and it is time for wine and dine;
Very small fish or very big fish of certain size nobody claims by law for a gain!

Tuna, marlin, swordfish, bass, pike, walleye, muskellunge, perch, carp, cod,
trout,, salmon, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, tench, roach, catfish, barbel and rudd
All are game for hookers, with a hook having bite, barb, bend, gap, shank and eye,
A gorge in the gullet, with a variety of baits, rat tailed maggots, worms, ants, bees,
Minnows, frogs, salamanders, octopus, squid, insects, earthworms, grubs, leeches
Grasshoppers, bread pieces, artificial insects all used as baits to trap the fish high!

No snagging, no jagging, no foul hooking, but why go for sport fishing, O Man?
Don’t you know how an angled fish cries, grunts and curses you for its pain?
Craig Newmark n Buckmaster’s Craigslist of rants and raves, Men seeking men,
Or women or women seeking women or men vice versa, casual encounters fun,
Erotic services, available at the touch of a finger, who is fish and who is hooker ?
Everything is available online and free, when explodes this dirty pressure cooker?

Are you in the Craigslist or any other list to angle any fish out of red light zone?
Twenty four hours of luck to buy dope, or to become a serial killer in a town,
To search for food, donations, or wedding dates and cocktails thousand and one,
Or to write books or solo shows showcasing their lives on this weird list bone!

How many red flags can save human trafficking, always on demand?
Every one is a hooker or fish at one time or another of evil contraband!
What moral policing and awareness can outweigh the law’s reprimand?
Craigslist or Satan’s list is always in demand when we forget the God’s command!

Copyright @ Dr. Lsr Prasad ..

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