Mattie Goedegebuur (Netherlands)

Mattie Goedegebuur (Netherlands)

Mattie Goedegebuur (Vlissingen 1959) worked as an English teacher at schools where students need special attention. As a pedagogue, she provided social skills training for young delinquents. Now she works primarily with people with psychiatric problems. All her life she has been involved in the well-being of the people around her. She endeavors to achieve harmony and to restore broken relationships and mutual understanding.

She writes both poetry and prose. Her poems have been published in more than 65 anthologies and in Pure poetry (2014), Dubbeldichters (2015) in cooperation with Derrel Niemeijer †, Ontsluierd (2017), Ga maar, lief (2017), Uitgestalde letters (2019) and Verdwalen (2019) i.c.w. Petra Fenijn. Begin 2018 her theme collection of mourning poems from Afscheid voor nu was released.
Short stories are included in five collection books.


Poems by Mattie Goedegebuur


A drop for everybody
Tugboats, ships and foot springs
nobody stays behind, everyone can come along
to experience sea legs for a while
during a trip over the lake or the sea.
Also the ferry of the bicycle boat on the Eem
Doesn’t leave anyone behind, but is fully loaded.
Fishing cormorants dive for the keel
oystercatchers and seagulls fly along.
Whether I am in the shower or in front of the sink
I operate my water-saving thermostat valve
My aerator supplies the water jet with air,
So there remains clean water for someone else
My rain barrel in the garden is full of rain water
a pleasure for my plants in the summer
Each gets its life-saving part of it
living water, nobody is excluded.
Thawing Iceland
Basalt rocks
draped here and there
in soft green moss
grazing white wool
small Icelanders
are grouping around pollen
steadily gushing rain
is soaking
the chest skirt
takes a day off
without a raincoat
is Iceland sabotaging wet
Save for someone else
“Switch off the tap!”
My offspring showers endlessly,
half an hour in fifteen minutes,
water and gas continue to flow.
My shower head is dripping too
without a person underneath
the cistern is no longer running
with a new float valveleather
Wear your clothes for a little longer!
Air your pants on the line!
when you wash clothes, they wear out
or do you want clean rags?
Force your plants down,
send roots to a source:
chances of survival increase
If you only water once a week.
Walk back and forth more often yourself
with buckets full of water
your car doesn’t notice:
buckets instead of a garden hose.

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