Poems by M. A Rathore

Poems by M. A Rathore



Let’s think of the position of man
Until we die
And live like a human being
With happiness we are made;
Full of simplicity;
Not showing any complications.

The soul which makes us holy within
we have covered it with dirt and dust
And are ever ready
To foster impurities.

There is something genuine ;
Some valuable seeds that can sprout within us
If we try to be a man first;

The ultimate asset of a man is not
The universal hatredness;
Not finding fault with others,
But to stay calm and quiet
And in the bliss of God.

If we really want to achieve this bliss
We have to study our own status;
Our actions and reactions;
Our ultimate goal; our fate;
A deep study of human nature;
And the sensibilities on which the
Fundamental character of a man is built.


It’s not bad, being emotional and sad
But a sudden unexpected loss might make
a mighty man
lose his controls
and the shoulders of his sympathizers sob.

Connected unfathomably deep
With his mission to the Moon,
His heart sank
And he fell into a swoon.

People think such emotion
Was unbecoming
At an occasion that demanded
Less of feeling and more of strength

In fact he was a real hero and a brighter beam,
Devoted to his study with his
Unflagging team.

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