Poems by Sethi Krishan Chand

Poems by Sethi Krishan Chand
An Inducing Beauty!
A seducing soul she seemed
when I could stand up on my
deadly legs just to glimpse her ,
that too without sustaing any harm;
Not aware , how could I
rush to hold her in my arms,
hugged her tight without
tremblant of my legs ?
An invisible dream she looks,
A poem in my heart she engraves,
without breaking my ribs ,
without tearing my chest;
An enticing spirit, is she not?
that makes me strong enough;
A hidden story of love she is ,
in torn pages of my life book;
An inciting beauty she looks alike,
that flames my body with her breath
Without igniting my lips,
without making me awake.
World of Silence ?
speaks too much
when listened silently;
seeds energies
when cropped timely;
develops peace
when desired eternally ;
up brings patience
when acquired mentally;
swallows arguments
when accepted firmly;
spreads calmness
when invited heartedly;
avoids quarrels
when implimnted timely,
provides salvation
when breathed lastly.
kc sethi(c)

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