Floriana Ferro (Italy)

Floriana Ferro (Italy)

Floriana Ferro was born in Catania, Italy, on November 13, 1982. She lived in United Kingdom, United States, and France, where she deepened her philosophical studies and met foreign poets. She holds a Ph.D degree obtained in Catania and her work is focused on ancient philosophy and general and applied phenomenology: she published several articles on these subjects, both in Italian and English language, and the monography Alterità e Infinito (Eng. trans. Alterity and Infinity) in 2014. She has written both prose and poetry, teaches philosophy and history in Italian high schools, and is currently involved in a post-doctoral research grant at Università di Udine. She published in 2007 the novel Il viaggio di Sofia, in 2011 the poetry collection Danza di equinozi, awarded with “Cardinal Branda Castiglioni” literary prize (2012 edition) and published in the United Kingdom with the title Dance of the Equinox (2016), in 2017 the poetry collection Il ventre della terra (Eng. trans. The Belly of the Earth). She also translated in English language the Italian version of Domenico Pisana’s bilingual poetry collection Ode alle dodici terre. Odes to the Twelve Lands (2016). Some of her poems were published in Domenico Pisana’s essay Pagine critiche di poesia contemporanea (Eng. trans. Critical Pages of Contemporary Poetry) in 2019.


Poems by Floriana Ferro
Poetry resounds
Poetry resounds
in the Dancing Word
It twirls
over harp strings
stately walks
on grand piano keys
tuned up in notes
of Spiritual Freedom
It switches accents
going up and down
harmonic scales
Melody on scores
of Astral Bodies
Heaven enclosed
in cockleshells
Risuona la poesia
Risuona la poesia
nel verbo Danzante
tra le corde di un’arpa
sui tasti di un pianoforte
in Spirito libero
Alterna gli accenti
su scale ascendenti
e discendenti
Melodia in spartiti
di Corpi Astrali
Cieli racchiusi
in gusci di noce
geraniums in the crumbs of the world
air strongly beaten by cries
innocence turned into a butterfly
mothers on their children’s corpses
prison walls in the houses
lines of ancient tears
versified leaves to the wind
canvases left to gather dust
rubbish exposed among jewels
music sheets as wastepaper
on the tables of producers
orange peel cultivators
scorn the embarassement of pulps
thoughts of purity in chains
geraniums in the crumbs of the world
blown through the gentle wails of March
nourished by crimson sap
gerani tra le briciole del mondo
aria percossa da grida
innocenza divenuta farfalla
madri sui cadaveri dei figli
mura carcerarie in casa
solchi di lacrime antiche
foglie versificate al vento
tele lasciate ad ammuffire
spazzatura esposta tra gioielli
spartiti carta straccia
su tavoli di produzione
coltivatori di scorze
scherniscono polpose vergogne
puri pensieri in catene
gerani tra le briciole del mondo
soffiati in vagiti marzolini
nutriti da cremisi linfe
I put off the swish of your clothes
listening to the silence
of your skin
a real scent goes beyond
chosen perfumes
orchestras stop playing
during the moans of pleasure
a savoury warmth goes off
the walls of our shelter
beyond orgasmic visions
your face
rimuovo il fruscio delle vesti
ascolto il silenzio
della tua pelle
autentico aroma oltrepassi
profumi prescelti
tacciono le orchestre
tra gemiti di godimento
sapido calore implodi
le mura di un rifugio
oltre orgasmiche visioni
il tuo volto
Italian version: F. Ferro, Danza di equinozi, Catania: A&B, 2011.
English version: F. Ferro, Dance of the Equinox, Ripon: Smokestack, 2016.

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