Elizabeth Ongpauco (UK)

Elizabeth Ongpauco (UK)
Elizabeth Ongpauco from England, UK, is a senior management analyst and consultant.
Her job ( with well known figures in the public sector) demands high vigilance.
Often under pressure and constantly on tight schedules, one way of escape aside from travelling is composing and reciting her poems over cups of tea.
She believes true poetry is like plain flour, (the backbone of so many dishes) that turns to delicacies like Roti, Lasagne, Fresh Bread, Fruit Cakes and Pasta, etc.
Once tasted, one’s taste buds react, its microscopic hairs called the microvilli send signals to the brain if the taste is sweet, sour, salty, bitter or watered down .
TICKLE… – Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco
When the blank room stares at me
When the silence gets too heavy
When the couch, cold it seems
Thousand eyes gaze enigmatically
Looking out of the window solitarily
No passerby, no vital spirit
My chaperon, my music the mystique
The mumbo-jumbo it gives, oh fiddle-de-dee
Sixty minutes and more , might go to wrack and ruins
Shown grounds of all that exists
My statistics of all fallen leaves
More than one can count , skaty-eight
So hermitic, so penned in
Eyes shut, tears in restrain
Take a gander, bring to mind life’s strain
And , I espy my own mystery of mysteries
Let not disturb my inane dissension
Let it be in hibernation
Nor those dreams blown in proportion
All those that I have known
Pinch my arm from this delicate situation
Listen, for birds pass the time in songs
Seen the green light , blue to true sine qua non
My heart opens, sees the beauty of creation
For my heart knocks and speaks
Yet no words just silence
For I understand love is in all places
And , my heart can and does love at all times
For my heart does colour my life
Allows me to enjoy in full moments
Today and all my tomorrows
For you , Heart, help me face the world
Till my hair grows gray
I become old and weary
Yes, my flesh and blood you power
Yes you
My heart….
I Loved you yesterday
I am Loving you more day by day
The exact hour we met
The minute we embraced and you kissed me
O the rusty but distinct key !
This crucial clue opened my heart to your world
And you to my own kingdom of truth
No more blue ! The jump of the kangaroo
You hugged me and I felt loving control
Your whispers to me I completely surrendered
Your hazel eyes looking through my wood
O they pinch my soul, my cool YOU
My stolen unaware kisses, my hugs , my soft caresses to you
They give me that thrill and I’m sure they excite you too
You awakened my whole pneuma, my major
I love you now and for who you will be
Stay with me
Many storms, snow in my life , in your life !
Serious disturbances of elements of nature
As well as hue and cry of emotions, of sudden or violent commotion
But, there are always in life, lessons to learn
They’re called such for a reason or reasons
We respect the fury, the gifts of Mother Earth
We admire the beauty, phantasm of pneuma
We wonder and think of its flagrant enigma
Our imperfections , our differences connect us to this world
We then say, no, no! Not robots!
We accept the tests of existence
A trial of many unexpected things
Our convictions, our priorities, our resilience
Yes, we have to admit along the lane
Blunders! Here and there and bump into sleeveless errand
One key to everything is the art of patience
If we are honest to ourselves
If we live a simple life in all regards
We learn , we explore forever
Then, it’s our freedom, our independence
And as for Miss Maple, she cannot dress as she did before
What she wore years ago isn’t appropriate anymore
True! Without further much ado
Miss Maple prefers to wear dresses in purple and blue
O, yes she’s old but she’s a treasure to behold
No age limits on death
It will knock, it can surprise, it’s always present
I am alive
Tomorrow, I say goodbye..
Elizabeth Ongpauco
All Rights Reserved

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