Poems by Miradije Ramiqi

Poems by Miradije Ramiqi
Studio (I)
A thief of my sin body
Go away from until I catch you
At the Studio in front of me lies widely
The corpse turned into a shadow
A hand takes my abandoned brush
and returns me to a yellow landscape
Marching I draw all seasons
A man with no name and mark
The corpse extended into a shadow
My brush paints me through the white wall
Studio (II)
A man without head lying in a corpse
At imagined Studio wisely
Wrapped up into white canvas
From where this strange man in his corpse
Or all this is a dark dream
That my landscape can catch in a frame
From my deepness someone talks to me blazingly
At my wall counts the white deaths
From where a shivering candle lights
Their faces through my waxen face
The dead man seats on his face
And loads the corpse on my back
How could I run away from the Studio with cat’s nails
I’m Undressing the Nightgown
From where in this white room
Barricades made of cats’ nails
At the Studio starts to drip the sadness
The blood my first neighbor woke me again
From the winter sleep of tanned skin
To continue my travel through landscape
Which was stopped here many centuries ago
Unfinished drawing in black canvas
To undress the nightgown
The silence to turn into a candle I wonder
To go out of the wall that walls me
(According to Albrecht Dürer:Ecce Homo)
It’s not accidental
Every resemblance withYou
My road is on the lines
If you don’t know me I know you
Draw one more line
Didn’t discover me through touching
You turned me again into fresco in the wall
You gave to Saint Mary three fingers
That she has forgotten into my sleepy hair
Wake up, you said, to dream you
As you know me I know you
Get out of the frame, you said
No, I said,You are there too
In an engraving smile
How much you’re alike my portrait
In every landscape, dear
Your face is trapped too
What else should I do for you,master
Draw one more line.

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