Hunger / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty



They die in hunger, but hunger never dies,
Seen the face of an ugly hunger in an innocent eye,
Rolling down the window glass, saw them passing by,
It’s not a hunger for a pizza or a cholate pie,
It’s a sizzling hot pan, where people slowly get fried,

Calculating the calories per slice of bread, or hoarding for some extra weight to shed,
Buying the organic and judging the trans-fat, saw hunger standing outside the mall to combat,
Counted the protruding ribs of a hunger, in a breast feeding mother,
Hanging her baby in dry chest was looking in a blank eye, how to solace,
Unknowingly I touched mine, with a pain intense,

Got face to face with hunger, standing outside the glass door,
Of a restaurant, swallowing saliva and looking with a ravenous eye,
Wish could have hugged him and say a hi, before some food for him I could buy,
Found there the big mustache security guy, but he wasn’t anywhere nearby,

Caught the hunger in a scorching summer, gasping in a corner,
And also in the biting cold, real crude daring and bold,
Hunger was standing in bare foot, close with me in an eye to eye look,
In the dusty cracked cheek, I met with hunger, in a rolling marks of the dry out tear,
My heart shrunken with fear, felt like as if she would disappear embracing the hunger severe,

As a part of fashion, some kind of nudity come, the concept disappeared from mind,
When witnessed the hunger, wrapped barely with any kind,
Find hunger in the soft little hands with hot tea kettle, tipped over inattentively,
Looking at someone’s dipped biscuit promptly,

Foot path, traffic, station, even outside the God’s door, bumped into pitiable hunger pretty much everywhere,
Introspected weather I’m still alive, felt parts of me always struggling somewhere with hunger,
Just for mere survival, forever.

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