Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Whose son are you dear man,
If not the soil underfoot,
Whose clay works
Is your glossy sheen on your cheeks
And muscles that run miles,
Whose daughter are you dear woman
If not a given helper of natures need
We are products on a production line
We are everything within everything
Compound complexity
In the simplicity of nature
Echoes of spirit in the wind
Feeding off each stage
As seasons dictate,
But as it were,
We remake us now
Man embarking on new foot prints
Away from the usual
Usual that was the norm
Norm that is steeped with doubt
Doubt that has come full circle
Into the arena of staggered dissent,
Birthing disconnections deep,
From men at piece
To men in pieces
Fighting a losing battle against the force that feeds life.
How long can we keep the charade?



Loving is beyond seasons, but,
Its measure,
On the terrains of calendars,
Is the green lawn
And flowers in bloom
Calling the eye
For a temporal feast
Perhaps a day
Perhaps decades
And in the turn of an eye ball
A memory is woven
That stands marked
On the time frame of time
And when tomorrow comes
A soul flickers on its light plane
Leaving scents and smiles
On the dancing waves
Of quavering grass
And wind whispers
As the next train whistles
Bringing new
Picking others
On the stops and pick up points
Of living.

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