Poems by Asiimwe Simon

Poems by Asiimwe Simon



Life is but a wall of thin glass
That let’s your eyes navigate through
And catch the beauty of your desired path
But never to the point where it ends with you
Life can be such a magnifying mirror
That you hold close in front of your eyes
You may look bigger more than you really appear
With it’s trickery tech of it’s in-built lies
What’s the purpose of it? Too much of a question
That lead us to the point where we started from
Such a force of gravity that pulls us down
Way down from the secret of the forbidden dome.



Like a fading star into a roaming cloud
You disappeared so quickly same way you appeared
Like a broken pot I couldn’t fix you
No matter how the pieces looked shiny and new
Like a withered flower once dead and rotten
My heart has given up to a never-ending pain
I touch on my chest to listen to it’s beating
Dead! It must be I don’t feel it pumping
I wish I had seen the shadow of lies in your eyes
The depth of your heart and the colour of your smiles
You knew from the start that I was nothing but a fool
And held me like your used rusty tool
To know or not know then meant nothing to me
Because in your eyes I felt wild and free
Until to this day that I know I was nothing to you
Just a speck of dust on your expensive shoe
And now I must back away like a snail into it’s shell
In despair, any where feels better than hell
May be or may be not if you really care
You will find who, between us wasn’t fair
May the one above judge between me and you
Because his judgement is pure and always true. 



Ride like a spider,
on a very slippery wall
Rise like dust
When you smash it with your sole
Flee like smoke
through the tiniest hole
Fear not, but The fear;
that hauls your soul,
and shadows your eyes
from the sight of your goals. 

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