Müesser Yeniay (Turkey)

Müesser Yeniay (Turkey)
MÜESSER YENİAY was born in İzmir, 1984; She has won several prizes in Turkey. She has books on poetry and poetry criticism. She has translated the books of many world poets. Her poetry books have been translated and published in USA, Hungary, France, India, Colombia, Spain, Vietnam. She studies Phd in Turkish poetry.
I have another body
                     of me
they call it
[but this is pain]
if I had carried you in my body
only then I would have felt your existence
                                          this much.
This World is a Man
I am a woman
like this huge earth
                         I am treeless
                        maybe I am living
                        I am under earth
                        I am upside-down
I am breathing
not so that I stay in this world more
sometimes I go to a man
                       -to a nothingness-
this world is a man
strong, coward, cheater
All the lines of my body
                are awakening
Like a grape
              I am full, I am black
if you don’t have a man
              to love you
make men from your hands
[because they all
like the bridges
           reach to your body
                           and falling down]

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