Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder

Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder


Letting go

You slave not the peace of my mind again ,
Past terror with its depressing gang,
You live not in the days of my Future again, Past sorrow with its striking bang,

For I am living the beauty of today, creating memories,
breathing mirth
and dancing under the rain of rainbow,

The past occupies the heart
with depressing emotions,
and imprints into the silent conscientiousness,
a devastating pain,
sorrow of regret,
chapters of agony,

The past paints, when in display the art of time ,
and makes, the mind to lose the freedom to live fully in the present,
letting go of whoever,
whatever kills the inner joy creates an opportunity for peace and love to performed magical miracles,

holding on, wounds the pain,
letting go, heals the pain…


Blessed light 

Evanesced bubbles created a thriller which ignite the vapors of beauty to smeared the lineage of silent valor,

Butterflies troop crescendo the garrison of the wind with gossamers of opalescent,

the evening
chambers charm by the shimmering of the romantic cloud,
incites the radiance from this intimacy,
and glow with grasp of wholeness to each blink and sight of this shine ,

The nakedness of this resplendent body,
gift time a coalescence of passionate memory and graceful moment,
immersing the existence of the embers,
innocent lavender with sparkle of gleam,

the juvenile stars
rattling under the firmament canopy,
learns about the panoply of an amazing beauty,
a great vision whose heaven gives light to nature..


I am yours

When heavy winter meets the celebrity of cold Orchestras and was lost in the sound of the weather,
You held me close,
closer than one to two, 
and spring forth in between the space of discordant ,
percussion of summer sonant of love,
bristling all around me consonant of thrilling wonders in the theatre of life,

I will keep this love in forever land,
where the sand are made of passion,
and become unbreakable even if a magician holds a
a wand to distrust our bond,
our unity will be the band to wrap the petal of this rose,

With you, I feel like a billion stars shinning in the garden of heaven,
I am yours,
in this splendid adventure, where my fear became so determined to only believe,
and beautifully becomes my courage,
and my weakness shot for the stars of confidence to become my strength,

all because you were there,
all because you are here,
all because I am yours…

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