My Heart Love You Like Grass / Poem by Tian Yu

Posted on August 7, 2019


Poem by Tian Yu
My Heart Love You Like Grass
I’m not even a dust in the worldwide.
It’s more like an inch of grass in the blank sky.
Waiting for the sunshine and moonlight,
Waiting for the unfolding of fortune prophecy to my life.
Until you suddenly appeared beside me.
You’re like a lovely angel coming slowly.
Heaven and earth have turned the century abruptly.
Your heart and soul are rooted in my blood quietly.
If the heart is in love,
The roots of dead trees are irrigated.
You are the spell of wisdom.
Many lead me out of the haze.
If the heart is in love,
I’ll forget all the difficulty.
It seems that everything has been changed.
I don’t say anything about my feelings.
Just because the love exists.
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