Adel Bouaaga (Tunisa)

Adel Bouaaga (Tunisa)
Born in1966 in Tozeu a town in the south west of Tunisia. Primary education in “Sidi Amor Dehmani” Elkef ,then secondary school in tozeur .his high education was in university of arts in Mannouba.
Teacher of basic education .
President of union of Tunisian writers –Tozeur.
and president of Tozeur international festival of Poetry .
a member of the derective committee of Tunisian writers.
a member of humen rights
Most important printed books
1) Scratchs of water .
2) love has the smell of rain.
3) Water innocence.
4) I search my country in my homeland.
5) Also a book : Tunisia the revolution( a book written by some Tunisian writers)
soul’s path
We took what we have forgotten…
And we came back to city
Soul’s path is narrow
We hastened to look
for our old mirrors…
And for my mirror that I used to search for a long time
I found a sea that hacked my frontier.
I found a boat that need sails
I have found that I need nothing but my self .
Oh! Crowned soreness
Over the unrelenting palm trees
How can I come with an unabled winds
For an old mills
Our twitterer ancient sea
Rare without body
Lonely without support
And this is ALLAH we ask him
We ask him…
And we ask him
But we just find the old sea
And a sail that overstretched between the seasons.
طريق الرّوح
أخذنا ما نسينا …
وعدنا للمدينة.
طريقُ الرّوحِ ضيِّقَةٌ
فأسرعنا نفتّشُ …
عن مرايانا القديمةْ.
وعن مرآتي فتّشتُ طويلا
وجدت البحر مخترقا حدودي .
وجدت زورقي يحتاج أشرعة
وجدتُنِي أحتاجُ بعْضِي.
أيّها الوجعُ التوّجُ..
فوْقَ نَخْلٍ لا يلينُ
كيْفَ آتيني وقد عجزتْ رياحي
عن طواحين قديمهْ.
قديمٌ بَحْرنا الغَرِدُ
فريدٌ ما لهُ جسَدٌ
وحيدُ ما لهُ سندٌ.
وهذا اللّه نسألهُ
و نسألهُ
و نسألهُ
فلا نجد سوى البحْرَ القديمَ
وشراعًا أُرْهِقَ بينَ الفُصُولِ.
تونس – 1995
“Ayoub” is knocking in the darkness of night
His stick is guiding him
The lamps enlighten didn’t get him back to his nonage
Acrystal fancy was in his mind
Path of untraceable lovers
I’m in his visions
So let my stick guide me
To the robe of my lovers
In my darkness how shall I see?
Love wound ragged in virgin’s hands
They cut their forehands
By bloodshed aroma
“Ayoub” said when he lost his path
I’m seeing him opening his arms to me
Catching hunger in a hand with a great fragrance of proud
‘’Ayoub’’ you’re the tale
You’re a palm that doesn’t bend to winds
You’re a diviner who knows the cradle of beginnings
His eyes are closed, but…..
Now he can see
Now he see!
The ode of water
Take a step towards water
Waves digging ragged rocks
Here under our next steps.
Headsets for water
Don’t you hide behind talk shadow
Here water fossilizes ragged speech
Never hide in ambush decision.
Purify from running behind bed
And cuddle the screaming of bereaved…
Sad ones .
Neighing horse would empower you
And don’t …don’t you rise as orator
And take what you can of mattocks
Find your way in repulsive fog
Not only out dated psalms
You’ll ask “INANA” about her dawn
…none would answer !
You’ll ask “The Fourat” about hanger
… and none would answer !
Take a step toward water …
Take what you want …
But … be careful !!!speechless.
Hunger would bully between ruins
And it will throw our traders to wasteland
Destroy all traitors …
Who smuggled our vain and ode
Who manacled our voices
Everyone who sold us as slaves
Take a step …and never hide
Rise to psalm with weary
Tight the wrapper to life
Who get scared “won’t be chosen one.
Memorial prayer
It’s the wind; preparing its horses to invade
Shields of souls are waiting
She saw my clouds in her citadel
She saw my shadows and names
She didn’t scared or run away
She turned to me
To intrepid deeper in my lantern,
Our candle gives light to our souls
So we couldn’t get asleep
Couldn’t fast for adoration
And couldn’t rise …
When we get tired of our existence
We flow warmth in the cup
And sluice the soul of vainglory
To find ourselves again;
In my memorial prayers …

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