Poems by Sarala Balachandran

Poems by Sarala Balachandran


She …..

She is pretty like a rose with dews all over her face, soft pink blush shines
On her creamy wheat complexion !
She has a hearty smile which warms up the hearts of her friends 
Polite and sweet
Fairy face enchants many hearts
She is a dove at heart spreading joy
Among all near n dear ones
A doting mother always as you see
Her grace shows on her face
Her soft eyes full of love
No jealousy you can see
She helps others in need
She is a poetess not for publicity
But pours down her emotions when she feels like !
Soft in all her ways
Her words oozes love n compassion
She is a simple Jane
With no make up
She turns everyone’s heads
As she moves on
Her way !
She loves whites
Her favourite angelic pick !
She is down to earth
She is a mother
She is mother nature herself !

©® Sarala Balachandran



She is feminine in all her ways
Her walk, talk and smile tell all about her feminity
She is coy and sweet 
With curves at the right places
Her smile is mesmerising to all
She takes care of her man well
In all respects
Spreads flowery sheets on bed
And under the silken quilt
She strokes his hair
LOving him tenderly
Caressing his hairy chest
With a sweet kiss
She draws herself close to him
Putting her head on his broad shoulders
Slowly she makes passionate love to him with fervent kisses all over
She hears the clock strikes six at dawn
She is up and about after a good morning kiss on his forehead
Rushing with the morning tea
For him
Seeing to her children too
Dressing them up for school
Packing tiffin while seeing to her husband he gets a healthy breakfast!
She sends them all with sweet kisses and rests for a while before she gets ready for a movie with her friends
While picking up some dinner
On the way!
In between she makes sure her
In laws and parents are cared for well too !
She is a woman of substance and will and fears God to the ultimate !
She is feminine in all respect !

(C) Sarala Balachandran



Why am I put in an asylum
and given food in a dirty bowl
When everything with me was normal 
Dancing and singing away at a party
with my loving friends with no drinks nor drugs but only fruit juice and chocopies
What’s my fault tell me
Now i am put in an asylum
Shots after shots
To make me drowsy all the time not to sing n dance
I am sitting alone outside
Any time i may fall of to sleep
And may be assaulted
I am never allowed to bathe nor dress
Just shots after shots
Tell me why ?
Deserted by my friends
Termed as an addict
Which am not
Why these shots, illegal punishment for life
Is there any one to bail me out so that live a peaceful and exciting life !

(C) Sarala Balachandran

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