Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)
Stoianka Boianova was born in Bulgaria. She has a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Plovdiv. Author of 12 books – ten books of poetry, one novel and one collection of short stories; co-author of more of 30 editions in Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Germany, India, Japan, USA, England, Africa. Editor of books of short stories, novels and dictionaries. She has been selected to The Euorpean Top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2018.
Her works has been published in English, Polish, Japan, German, French, Serbian and Armenian. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers, the Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria, the Society of Plovdiv writers, the Society of Karlovo writers, Haiku Club – Рlovdiv, the Bulgarian haiku Union, The Haiku Foundation – USA, United Haiku and Tanka Society – UK, the World Haiku Association.
Books Published:
• Running Spaces [poems] (Narodna mladej, Sofia, 1982);
• A Seaside Street [poems] (Tsanko Tserkovski, Sofia, 1992; second edition, Perfect, Sofia, 1996);
• The Grass On The Other Side [poems] (Perfect, Sofia, 1996);
• Far Away, Far Away [novel] (Bulgarski pisatel, Sofia, 1998);
• Blooming Night [poems in English and Bulgarian translated by the author] (Izdatelsko atelie Ab, Sofia, 2001);
• Among The Roses [artist, author] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2004);
• Wind Crosses The Valley [artist, author] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2009);
• I’m Different Without You [poems] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2011);
• Along The Shores Of Life [novel] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2011);
• Invisible Blessing [poems] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2015);
• Tops Under the Stars [haiku poems](, India, 2019) with Minko Tanev
More information
Member of editorial board of the magazine“Haiku World”. Chairman of the Haiku Club – Рlovdiv and deputy chairman the Society of Karlovo writers.
Included in Haiku Anthology in three languages, published in Krakow, Poland, in World Haiku № 12, 13, 14, in Japanese, English and Bulgarian, in Haiku A Concise Anthology, India, haiku anthology Horizon, India, haiku anthology Beyond Words, Bulgaria – UK, Mamba anthology – Africa, Akita – The Land of Poetry, Japan, Haibun Today, USA, Time Haiku, UK, Osvit, Serbia, haiku anthology, So Geheimnisvoll, Germany, Anthology – 10th Competition of the Bashō Memorial Museum, Japan, Daily Haiku, USA, Taj Mahal Review, India, Haiku news, Serbia, Haiku World, Bulgaria, haiku anthology Free Hugs to Strangers, Bulgarian- English, Under the Basho Modern Haiku, where silence becomes song – St. Albans, England, TIME HAIKU” № 49 – 2019, UK, A Quarterly Journal, Haibun Today, 2019, USA, The First Anthology of World Gogyoshi. Participated with Minko Tanev in the collection The Poetic Achievement of Ban’ya Natsuishi, India. Presented at The Haiku Foundation – USA.
Awards and Other Honors:
1969 – First prize in a National Poetry Contests for High School students, Bulgaria; 1973 – Poetry Award competition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the death of Vasil Levski, Bulgaria; 1978 – Award in fiction in a national contest, Bulgaria; 1979 – Poetry Award, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; 1979 – Golden Award in the Fifth National Review of Amateur art; 1981 – Poetry Award dedicated to the 1300th anniversary of the Establishment of the Bulgarian state, Karlovo, Bulgaria; 1983 – Award for her first poetry book, Haskovo, Bulgaria; 1985 – Award for humorous prose “Uncles”-1985, Bulgaria; 2015 – First prize in the National Contest “Cherry Blossom” by the Bulgarian Haiku Union; 2015 – Distinction at the Second International Haiku Conference, Krakow, Poland; 2015 – Distinction at the Third Contest for haiku poetry Japan-Russia – Akita the Land of Poetry; 2015 – Distinction at the National Haiku Contest by the Bulgarian Haiku Union (December 2015); in Anthology at the Fifth Contest for haiku poetry Japan-Russia – Akita the Land of Poetry, 2016; Distinction at the National Haiku Contest by the Bulgarian Haiku Union “Carrier winds”; Distinction at the National Contest of poetry ”Rose and love” (2017) . Third place of the 22nd edition of Indian Kukai (2017); Fifth place of 25th edition of Indian Kukai (2018); Distinction at the Haikouest Francophone Haiku Association (2018); Distinction for a short story at the National Contest “Bridges” – Ruse (2018); in Anthology – 10th Competition of the Bashō Memorial Museum in Yamagata, Japan (2018); Distinction for Poetry – “The Way to Ithaca” – Athens, Greece (2018); Included in The Eurpean Top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2018; Honorable Mention at the 8th International Haiku Competition, organized by the Polish Haiku Association (2019); second prize -International Haiku Contest “Cherry blossom” – Bulgarian Haiku Union (2019); Francophone Haiku Association HAIKOUEST from March 2019; Distinction at the Haikouest Francophone Haiku Association, June(2019) .
You who walk modestly on your path
and hear the heart of the earth,
and you sense the rotation of the planets,
and you feel the pulse of the stars;
you who are a star inhabitant
and you want to write with light;
you who have not forgotten,
that we were created in the likeness of God
and you dream we go back to Paradise,
to be there where we were created for;
you, who … if you really exist
and I follow you,
and others if they followed you there,
and others…
We will return to the sacred earth,
we shall be in the dreamed land,
we will be there,
where the godlikes
live with the Gods.
Tonight the trees are blooming.
So it is here, so it is.
But those trees bloom continuously there.
So it is there, so it is.
The people die from overwork.
So it is here, so it is.
They work, sing, dream and fly.
So it is there, so it is.
Life is damned, the road is wrong.
So it is here, so it is.
The peak is high, the spirit – high.
So it is there, so it is.
In the earth – the dead are resting.
On the surface – the living are walking.
Through the air – the souls are flying.
In this home floor to floor
cannot see each other.
The morning splashes pomegranate juice.
An evening with your kisses,
boiling wine is gushing.
At midnight stellar blood is raging.
God embraces us by sunrise.
I remembered what your hands told to me.
Their whisper gushed from the depths of the soul.
From distant times.
From previous incarnations.
They touched me
through storms, through suns,
through snowdrifts, through omens …
Their whisper was so real,
that every cell in me was awaken.
At last the day has come to be together
among the heights of the planet Earth,
where tenderness manages to be perfect,
where love is a gift from the Gods
and it revitalizes life in the universe.
I stand among the fairy flowers in the garden –
grateful, revived
from what your hands
have told to me.

3 thoughts on “Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

  1. Excellent poems my dearly beloved sister and poetess. I like the flow of the words and impact of the message and inspiration in each. Everyone has a special tone and tenor of upliftment. They resonate with wonderful images of dedication from the depths of the soul with heavenly reflection. Great job. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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