Poems by Sher Chandley 

Poems by Sher Chandley 


Strangelove and Soultouch

Stabbed by a wordless portent
No comfort of reassuring lies
Like a crane looking for grain
In a burnt and withered field
My thoughts and feelings range
Like a wind trailing barren clouds
No whispering rumour of rain
Merely a darkness before dawn

A strange genesis
If I tap myself
My spirit rings two
Close my eyes to see
Two souls within me

So take my hand
I’ll stretch my arms
Over mountains, under seas
To grasp at the one
Whose entwining soul
Love has caused
To come and visit me .

( If it’s out of love
Then it’s love times love
But maybe , just maybe
It’s because you hate me
A hate that is nothing
But a soul ……..
.. crying out for love . )

@ Sher Chandley 


Seeds and Weeds

People always
Find reasons
To hurt each other 
Take from one another
But not all people

Unthink truth
Throw away depth
Discard a dimension
Be conformingly flat
Cast away the third dimension

Every flower has its apex
Comes to an end
So every weed has its apex
Comes to an end
A cultivated weed
Can seed a flower

Every beginning has an end
Every end is a beginning
In the death of things
New-born undreamt lands
Life really never ends .

@ Sher Chandley 

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