An enlightened, equal, detached society of prejudice will certainly be fairer, more harmonious / Valda Fogaça

An enlightened, equal, detached society of prejudice will certainly be fairer, more harmonious

I publish here this article with the intention of contributing, in a way, so that not only women, but individuals in a general way can live in a society that looks at them without the veil of prejudice…

The fight for equality, respect has united the idealists women, those who dream to live in a society where gender is not synonymous with separation of ideals, disrespect, violence and oppression. These who keep dreaming of a less sexist society remain united in the same ideal, some anonymous others flag flying, confident that their fight is not in vain. A lot of progress has made since the first cry of the woman to today, but there is still a lot left for the woman to finally get free from the handcuffs of machismo, prejudice. The sexual issue is a factor that still deserves to be reviewed in our society…
It may even seem to the world that Brazil passes the image of a true reign of sexual freedom, but within the walls of our schools, however, the sexual issue is still taboo.
It turns out that there are religions to demonization when it comes to sexuality, the sexual act itself.
” we were born sexualized and learned to be sexualized. Sex is part of each person’s life. In the school space a place of learning, in which you live with children, adolescents, with gender, male and female issues, the duty is to work on the scientific side, the issue of health, but also the question of pleasure. Should work sexuality wide; since it is part of this righteous being that is within the school. It is not teaching to m.i.l.f.; it is so that the student is a being autonym, critical, emancipated… it turns out that sex is still these days a great social taboo. It is difficult for the family to deal with the subject, in this case the school has a duty to expand, to work together We live in a society where, unfortunately, we have to live with gender prejudice and discrimination when it comes to the sexual issue We women are even more repressed; since childhood, both at home and in school teach us that we women have to be coy.
I will quote as an example a very everyday fact, to better illustrate this question: ” a girl already with boobs, playing at the break of the school, wanted to grab the friend The teacher by surprising her caught her attention saying, ” you have to respect yourself, that way they won’t want to date you in the future.” deep down, what she wanted to go through is that we women have to be Coy. It could be another way, to say that no one should invest in someone else’s body when she doesn’t Sure would solve _ and working respect instead of saying that women should be pure and pristine. The woman has to be a virgin in the eyes of this sexist and prejudiced society even if it is Mary of Nazareth the mother of Jesus who continued “Virgin” even after having granted all the children or as Mary Magdalene that to be included to society the religion The Title of saint. These are, in the eyes of male societies, the ideal model of woman; this is the model in which the bigots shape the woman. As a result of this education the psychology offices are full of women without horny, with vaginismus, dyspareunia… according to expert experts. They defend better preparation of educators in the exercise of sex education. The Gender issue is another factor that deserves to be taught not only at home but in school environments. We must educate our young people, teaching them respect the individual and their choices, and in these is the sexual option. Yeah, by virtue of homo phobic rare is the day that seine of violence against homosexual does not illustrates the news headlines.
An enlightened, equal, detached society of prejudice will certainly be fairer, more harmonious.


Valda Fogaça

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