Poems by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)

Poems by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)



Amidst the hazy full moon of the sky tonight
I still smile and think of you
Just by gazing at its majestic coolness above
I find solace though we’re distant, apart-
For in its silvery light that glistens
Illuminates through my longing heart
Brings each and every melodious beat
The music, that soothes my yearning soul of you.

©Purple Roze
All Rights Reserved



August rains always captivated my eyes
With its undeniably pleasurable sight
Blissful tears cascading gently on my cheeks
As its pitter-patter noise a soothing music to my ears
A sweet melodious memoirs enlivens my heart
With the peculiarity of our love untold
Which started with that simple hellos and lucid smiles
Serendipitous fate took place with a touch of heaven’s magic
Sprout of love blossomed with the downpour of nurturing rain
Evoking scent of it will never fade away
With zephyrs blown kisses
Caresses and embraces my soul
Each time the rainy season of August occurs.

©® Purple Roze

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