My Old Car! / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

My Old Car ! 

In the old barns
By the old roads
Are tall bare bottlebrush trees
Some dry some green

Old houses linger on
By the cobbled streets
And rough broken bricks scatter
Smeared dry leaves, on zig zag lines

There are green farms
And huts, some tin roofed n
Some bamboo huts
And a celtic church still the
Bells ring

When sunsets and rises
There’s no sound of
City life
Just an old gas station and
My old rusted car

My most prized possession
From my grandfather
I still drive that rickety car
Shine it’s nuts n bolts
Turn the lamps
With all my toil

I drive it near by
The old house
And fill gas
Drive down, the dusty tracks
Jarring and roaring
Around the farms!

Aneeta Chitale

Copyrights Reserved by Poet.

Collection “My Favourite Things”

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