Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Grief Is A Phoenix
Grief has its own funnelling system
Babbling incoherently like a brook running downstream
No time to stare ,no time to dream
Grief is heavily laced with a stupefying liquor numbing the senses
It comes packaged in yards of nails and pins scratching the soft slush of love with pincers and prongs
Hot iron rods scalding and scorching
Grief never once flinches or screams
It sobs in corners and behind doorways
It finds solace in silent sympathy which keeps awake with you
Grief is a mongrel flea ridden
Kicked in the side with pointed shoes
It sleepwalks at night along with the banshees
Grief licks its wounds with the alley cats in darkened cul de sacs
Grief washes its hands like the crazed Lady Macbeth
It looks surreptitiously in the mirror asking questions like Snow White’s evil stepmother
Grief dances on hot sand with the jumping pop corn in a remote Indian village
Grief sits on burning hot griddles to prove its innocence
Grief walks on hot embers with bare feet never uttering a cry
Grief grits its teeth firmly ,curses under its breath but howls like a wolf
Grief loves like a Majnu and never dies
It keeps its eyes open even after people think it is dead
Grief is a Phoenix ! It never ever dies !!
Copyright Lily Swarn 28.8.2017
What men say
Have no attachments you told us
Another advised us to stop being dependent
There was a voice that taunted us for being parasites
The whole shifting of definitions of being women
A piece of Dresden china
Embalmed and perfumed like iced confectionary
Sitting in a glass prison today
Toiling in offices along with envious leering men
Only to come home to undone dishes and hungry brats
Censored for our attire
Dictated about our lifestyle
Eyes decorously downcast in the day
Ready for slaughter as the sun set
We like being ourselves
We like having attachments
We want to be looked after
Does it mean we are frail
Or that we need patronage
Do we need advice for everything
From what to eat and what to wear ?
Perhaps you should try and watch us be
You know , Just be ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 26.8.2017

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