The book “Savage Wind” of Asoke Kumar Mitra is available on / Translated into Spanish by Josep Juarez

Savage Wind

A Bilingual Edition

Translated into Spanish by Josep Juarez

It is a book that leaves its leaves with the wind of nostalgia and its leaves fly among the memories in an autumn that will always be spring… The nostalgia for the love that went away, but that always follows here, in a strange way, in a memory, in the eyes, in a face, in a word, in a poem… A book, that its leaves are shaken by a wild wind and gives off its aroma, its essence, to fill us with a soft breeze, that charms, that bewitches, that feeds the soul… It is a whirlwind that with its wind leaves our soul naked and our body in exile …


Fiche technique du produit

ISBN : 9780359876358
Édition: First edition
Éditeur: Altaspera Publishing & Literary Agency Inc.
Publié: 25 août 2019
Langue: Anglais
Pages: 54
Reliure: Couverture souple, reliure dos carré-collé
Encre intérieure : Couleur pure
Poids : 0,16 kg
Dimensions (centimètres): 14,81 (largeur) x 20,98 (hauteur)
Identifiant du produit: 24223044


Asoke Kumar Mitra

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