Poems by Maraii Mansouri

Poems by Maraii Mansouri
A vicious heart loomed from a scattered light.
Froze my soul and overrode what I once saw in a hazy night.
Festered my previous memories, begot me to relinquish before going to fight.
Splintered my ancient lore and concocted me a way how to go aright.
Beheld me and harkened my pulse then seeped in the benighted shadows following my floundering body with a keen sight.
Moments came, moments here,wavering,remind me the benign spectre.
It was a mellow moment, but swiftly spattered in the air effected my dreams , in the horizon they scatter.
From the wrought tops an unshakable soul scrutinizes a barren strand, invoking what it once occurred, immured twixt stupendous disquiet.
Gazing the solitary cloud and craving with Mumbo-jumbo the noble plight.
My love is here my love is there my love is everywhere, his brightness is a heaven light.
El dorado
Behind aloof and very hellish drapes.
Over that cypress, the remote star is looming lustrous.
The green forest and the splendiferous roses strip of the crapes.
The unquenchable heart thrills to see the light, nature is dexterous!
Jaunting on the midriff of that mount, relishing the aroma of goodness wafting on the air.
Heeding to the bulbuls recount the story of the revered dare.
Left and right, a cornucopia of blooming shrubs edifies the flair.
Away from dupability, verve unbosoms her magic out there.
Arising for a stint, conjuring her shadow.
With prurient spirit, the seraphs seen saddo.
Her rancorous absence reminds him of the Fado.
Whether good or abysmal betide you, trust in yourself, life is an el dorado.
Under the cockcrow dew,
Two bantams grew.
One called Eve, and the other was Andrew.
Eve was white, grand when she flew!
Delighted of each other were,uncaring of the sky out the blue.
The summer was hard, but they never felt stew;
or even got the sense of déjà vu.
They were playing between the stems, bushs were their awesome pew!
As much days and moments went on,
As much they knew.
He was her solitary dawn,
Care and mutual love were their glue.
The summer left, the sky turned wan
And the hard northern wind blew.
Frozen ashes scattered around, scaring almost every one!
Covering her with a little wing, that’s what he could do!
Vividness crossed my mind, putting up a polygon.
Alluring representation they drew.
I understood: trust and care are the love’s pawn;
And nothing is more revered than: I love you!
Winter glided away, soon she would spawn,
I figured out that Andrew had been working to woo!
I was strolling around, my spirit was hither and yon;
I was watching the two birds, and enjoying my brew.
Eve was the quintessence of his soul, and the second to none;
I could feel, they were begrudged by many, and praised by few.
An admirable book of knowledge I ascertained, thank you dear Faun!
Love is life, no one would argue!
It feeds, alleviates and so on;
An ethereal mercy also, and flowers of different hue.
Yet, it seems changed after every eon;
Affected by how to gain and to imbrue!

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