Poems by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM

Poems by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM



Said Fatimah to her mother
Who is very much traumatised and confused
I am hungry mum
When do we reach the new country?

With grieving face
Unsparkle eyes
She stroked her daughter’s hair
Patient my child
We will reach the new land
There are kind people who will help
Imagine we are fasting now

The mother is still in nightmares
Rough hands pulling her
Tearing her clothes
In front of helpless husband
Who closed his eyes
Hearing her piercing screams
Being raped
The ordeal of that night was not enough
Under the dark starless
Sky of Rohingya
The father was shot in the head
Together with other male siblings

The next day
The remaining whole village
Braved the dense jungle
Boarded a packed boat
Gambling their worthless lives

Very dignified people
Reduced to be refugees
Depending on mercy
Of Andaman Sea rough waves
Heading to a new country
They never knew before
Her name is Malaysia

My Rohingya brothers
We are not big power
But Islam taught us
To be merciful
And love
Accepting and defending your rights
Since many years ago!



Remembering story
When Omar Al Khattab
Prayed outside a church
After conquering Jerusalem
Warm drops
Trickled down uninvited

Said Omar again
I leave all these
To you Christian brothers
To be protected
Looked after as your properties
Including your crosses
That’s what Islam taught
Also in your religion

We still talk in same language
As if as Omar’s words
Were uttered yesterday

My man
Say your words
Like how I feel
I am going to say
Like how you feel

Only then
All miseries
Will be over forever


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