Teresinka PEREIRA (Barazil- USA) – President of the International Writers and Artists Association, IWA

Teresinka PEREIRA (Brazil- USA)
President of the International Writers and Artists Association, IWA

Biography: Teresinka Pereira: Brazilian-American poet, President of the International Writers and Artists Association (IWA), President of the International Congress of the Society of Latin Culture. She received from the Knights of Malta Sovereing Order of St. John of Jerusalem the hereditary title of “Dame of Grace”, signed by the Grand Prior S.O.S.J. Dom K. Vella Haber (Malta, January 8, 1997). January 1999 she was appointed Senator of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace. Dr. Teresinka Pereira received, in 1985, the noble title of Dame of Maggistral Grace from Dom Waldemar Baroni Santos, Prince of Brazil, for her literary merits. Teresinka received a Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of New Mexico, USA, and in 1997 received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the University Simon Bolivar, in Colombia. In 1972 she received the National Prize for Theater in Brazil, in 1977 she was nominated Poet of the Year by the Canadian Society of Poets, and in 1992 was nominated Personality of the Year by the Brazilian Writers Union. She was awarded a golden “Laurel Wreath” as “Laureate Woman of Letters” from the United Poets Laureate International (UPLI). In 1994 she was the winner of the Su-Se Ru International Literary Magazine Company Prize in Korea, and in Greece, she was the winner of the Prize City of Athens. Also in 1994 was elected Director of International Affairs of the Society of Latin Culture. Since 1989 she is a member of the North American Academy of Spanish Language, correspondent of the Royal Spanish Academy.



It doesn’t take much:
a little bit of fire,
a little hope
can break the indifference
and make
a rose, out of one petal
mountains, out of one piece of dirt
and oceans, out of one wave
on a moonlit night.
To write a love poem
it only takes a few small words
that have wings
and dreams.



In the well
the reflection
of a convulsed love.

The Moon
caught in the water
splashes her singing
like a blind bird



Are you happy?
You better be!
Worries, feeling
of helplessness
can produce stress,
which activate the
hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
pathway, bringing depression

and impaired cognition
to your brains.
So, get a friend and laugh together,
do something silly,
have fun reading jokes,
do some exercise being a horse
for some kids you know.
And be happy, stress free!


To Alan Stern*

A cold and distant world,
a planet is a small
dream paradise
in the solar system:
Pluto, the dwarf planet
stays three billion years
from the Sun
and almost ten years
of the spacecraft Horizon
from Earth.
Alan Stern waits:
there will be photographs
of the Plutonic five Moons,
enough to drive an astronomer
or a lunatic poet
out of their minds.

*Alan Stern is an astronomer and great supporter of the mission to Pluto.



There is much sadness
entwined with pride
for being friend and companion
of Christine Purves
who left to a better stage.
To win her friendship
was like a trophy,
witness of trust
sharing literary texts and poetry.
Good-bye, Christine, you
will be in the horizon
of my thoughts
until the day that
is my turn to go to your heaven.



In the Chinese horoscope
2016 is the year
of the monkey,
the element of
influence is fire
and the color is red.
We will be influenced
by the auspice in activities
and adventures,
we will have impetus
ambitions and aggressiveness.
Poetry will be at the pinnacle
of our inspiration and,
if we dedicate ourselves
to verse, we will produce
with excellence, deserving
and getting recognition.
My friend poets:
the opportunity is on time:
it is good to make use of it!


In memoriam of Dr. Martin Luther King

May the irascible supremacists
recognize the mud
in which they drown themselves
with their incompetence.

May the pseudo-democrats
notice that heaven flames up
with their hypocrite fights.

May the cowards look around
the tombs and see
the prints of their fingers
that without pulling the trigger
have killed so many human beings
in useless wars caused by their
ambition and unlimited greed.

The wish for peace could have
taken shelter in all of their conflicts,
if we could ever ask the irascible,
the hypocrites, the cowards:
What is your dream?

2 thoughts on “Teresinka PEREIRA (Barazil- USA) – President of the International Writers and Artists Association, IWA

  1. Dear friends,
    would someone please quickly send me President Teresinka’s telephone number?. This is because I have been trying to speak to her unsuccessfully–I seem to have messed it up.

    I am concerned about her and fellow members of IWA during this deadly COVID-19 crisis.

    Best regards.

    Frank Mackay Anim-Appiah, IWA
    email: mackay2248@yahoo.com

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