Isaac COHEN (Israel)

Isaac COHEN (Israel)

Isaac Cohen was born in Beer Sheva, Israel, in 1960.his mother Mazal Cohen was a teller folk stories. He received B.A. with Distinction in History from ” Ben Gurion university”. He published a book ” The moment of silence 1983. He was a prose, poet ,translate, artist , painter. He published his work in anthologist and important newsletter : ” eiton 77″ ” apirion “,” dimui”, “mabua”, ” maut” . H was studied with Amos Oz , Yehuda Amichai, Dan Tzalka. He won a price in important competition. He won a honorable at The Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace. competition. He was a manager of club logic puzzles in website “Motke”. He was author of a new hershlle jukes.


Poem by Isaac Cohen
The Motherhood
The wolf Luna observed
Three days and three night’s
For cardiae family.
Suddenly she jumped.
The family spread everywhere.
One newborn puppy
Was left behind.
She wanted to catch him.
The voice called to her:
“Do you remember the day
That the lion ate your puppy?”
She grabbed him
And patted his head.
She tell him :”I adopt you.”
She gave him her udders.
Luna decided to be vegetarian,
They ate grass in the field.
The angels cried and light of crystal
Wrapped the meadow of Eden.
Slaves’ benches
I was a slave
under owner’s feet.
I was a slave in the day
and dust in the night.
I was a slave
On me rest.
No solace.
I don’t forgive.
Valor Isaac Cohen
T0 Isaac Pelz of blessed memory
When the S.S
came to take
Julek`s soul
His aunt Bronia
screamed vehemently:
Before you”
Take it, kill me!”
The devils fold
their tails between
their legs and vanished.
The creation
How beautiful is the expression
of the messenger when he
looks at my little disciple
mixing the world’s colors
and creating a new world of peace.
The Homeless Man
To my daughter Noam Cohen peltz
The homeless man
licked crumbs
from the garbage.
He drank the coffee grinds
that passers-by threw away.
My daughter said:
” Papa, how miserable is the man!”
She gave him
her sandwich.
The homeless man lifted
his hand and prayed:
“Thank God for
the moment of grace.”
The Shame
Hey man! Hey man!”
What do you have in your bag?””
“Some fruits that I picked up from the ground.”
Do you know that people must”
pay for fruits?!”
These are fruits you left aside.””
It costs $5!””
Take $5 and cover your shame!!!””
©All Rights Reserved

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