Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock


Recovering in Green

A world in ashes, trees burning in hell
Our future a museum, not doin’ so well
Politics meets science, funeral at birth
Rotating flat side, hate spinning earth

Sunshine in a storm, temps now rising
Problems in bit parts, inaccurate sizing
Propaganda in spades, innocent a tool
Ignorance perhaps, a society so cruel

Our leaders divide, silent sound blast
Money their colour, divided into class
Irony in protest, fuelled by their cause
Hey let’s slow down, time for a pause

Poverty educates, collective think tank
Measured approach, with results blank
Recovering in green, money from trees
With sheep grazing, our cycle to please


Explaining Depression

Sadness a symptom, just another cost
Broken hearted shadow, feeling all lost
Guilty to my core, without logic reason
Explaining depression, my dark season

Emotions in reverse, clouding the light
Never eases up, trying to sleep at night
Anxious in silence, dizziness to speak
Explaining depression, the other cheek

Smiles in disguise, seeking no approval
Trying to blend in, attempts now frugal
Butterflies that sting, stomach in knots
Explaining depression, firing last shots

Never an excuse, to justify our wrong
Broken records, the never ending song
Answers on paper, whitewashed event
Explaining depression, a rhyming vent

©️ Matthew Pollock

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